4. How many ways can you wear one item of clothing?

30th January 2013

A mini challenge within the Trash to Treasure Challenge Do you have a favourite dress, top or pair of pants? When you shop for clothes do you look for an ‘outfit’ especially if it is for a special occasion like … Continue reading

Which style will you aim for in the Trash to Treasure Challenge?

23rd January 2013

Casual? Classic? Occasion? Chic? I can go on and on about styles you can have fun putting together from your charity shop finds. Don’t assume that everything for sale in these shops is frumpy and outdated. I have bought many … Continue reading

2. Knowing how to flatter your shape with the right clothes

21st January 2013

Do you know it is possible to give the illusion of being slimmer, taller, younger by dressing differently to the way you have always done? First assess your body shape – there are several basic types – apple, pear, hourglass, … Continue reading

2013 Trash to Treasure Challenge

16th January 2013

1.     MAKING STYLISH OUTFITS ON A BUDGET   I am sure this is a challenge everyone will enjoy!  Even if you have a large clothes budget this will maybe make you think a little differently about buying clothes, … Continue reading

New Year – New Style – New Beauty

14th January 2013

Statistics say that most people give on New Year’s resolutions by about the third week in January. Loss of motivation after starting off with great intentions sets in and we start to find excuses not to carry on. There is … Continue reading

Fake Tan

07th January 2013

Ok I admit to using fake tan. I can’t sunbathe as my skin just won’t take it. On holiday I sit in the shade or under an umbrella/palm tree. My skin is naturally pink tinted and goes an unflattering shade … Continue reading

Bargain Dresses

28th November 2012

Well I’ve been on another scout around the charity shops and car boot sales and managed to pick up a couple of real bargains. This lovely Per Una dress has a flattering stretchy long sleeve V neck wrap top and … Continue reading

De-Stress with a Home Spa Treatment

25th November 2012

Christmas is coming and don’t we all know it! From about September we are overwhelmed with messages about Christmas from gift buying, cooking, guests, etc and made to feel totally inadequate if we are not ready with our gifts not … Continue reading

My Favourite Handbag

25th November 2012

This beautiful Kate Spade handbag is easily the best bag I have ever owned. Beautiful black patent leather with nude leather handles and Kate Spade leather logo at front. It is roomy being able to hold everything I need for … Continue reading

Old Fashioned Beauty Treatments You Can Still Use Today

20th November 2012

Can you really afford ‘miracle’ creams and expensive moisturisers? Our grandmothers never had these luxurious cosmetics and yet I remember my grandma having the most beautiful unlined skin well into her eighties. My mum is the same, to my knowledge … Continue reading